Shelf-Ready Processing

Getting new materials on your shelves can be a time-consuming task, and London West is ready to help. We can provide you with MARC records, labels, bar codes, RFID tags, or anything else you need to get your books on the shelves faster. We can also help clear up backlogs or donations  so that you spend more time with your patrons, and less time processing.

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London West is your source for custom, laser-printed labels. .

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Library Security

LWRC can apply and program RFID tags for you and can provide Stingrays for your digital discs, so that your material stays secure, and accounted for. Give us a call at 519-471-4921, or send us an e-mail and let us know how we can help you.

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London West Has the Experience

LWRC has decades of experience with libraries of all sizes..

LWRC is committed to providing quality at affordable prices. And we are determined to offer the best customer service anywhere.

Let our staff be your staff. We can:
  • Process your books
  • Automate your collection
  • Update or unionize your MARC database
  • Clear up your backlog


Our Staff

Our staff of Professional Librarians and Library Technicians have extensive experience in the public, school, and university  library systems. They know how much your books mean to you and your patrons, and they want you to be satisfied with your London West products.

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